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GBZ Verified Affiliate FAQ 

  1. How can get my affiliate LINK ? 
    Once your Profile has been Verified by our channel Head, we shall get in touch with us over a con-call and after successful progress, we shall share your link through your official Mail ID.
  2. How many sales should i bring in / Will there be any kind of Business Targets?
    Basically, you are not forced by anyone to meet the numbers so you are not entitled with any kind of targets. But of course you need to bring in sales to generate a sufficient source of passive income. For Each individual Sales that you generate will bring you Fixed percentage of Gross Sales Amount.
  3. How much is the Fixed Share of Commissions ?
    For every department the commission scales vary ( Maximum Earnings can be looted from ” GBZ BRAND STORE ” ).
    For All products at GBZ STORE , if someone buys a product using your affiliate link , you will receive ” .5% ” of gross total value of the purchase. For Products in ” GBZ BRAND STORE ” , if someone purchases A RIG , you will be rewarded with the following rates : Model Name Commission rates ( in % )
    All models in GenX Series 2%
    All models in GomX Series 1.5%
    All models in HiDRA Series 1.5%
    All models in MegatriX Series 1% Any Customized Rigs ( under 1 Lac ) 1%
  4. How will I Get the amount credited to account ?
    When a person checks-out with your affiliate link , you will receive a mail once after successful delivery of the product after 3 Business Days.The Total Commission Amount will be credited to your Bank account by First week of next month. All your personal data are Safe with us and we will not share the details of your benefits and sales growth to any media or person.
  5. What are the means of amount Transfer ?
    Your Commission amounts will be transferred through Google Pay or PayTM or any related Portals that credits the amount directly to your bank account.
  6. What are the Other benefits I could get other than commissions ?
    After successful sales growth for 3 Months , You will be rewarded with FREE Meetup PASS , FREE Branding Materials
    ( T-Shirts, Merchandises, Bag , Occasional Lunch with GBZ Team , more consideration will be granted on upcoming interview for
    new additions to any of our divisions and more to come )
  7. Where can I Operate and do i have a specified time to work ?
    You are FREE to move anywhere as you like. You are not restricted with any working hours , you can spread the messages at
    any time as you wish.
  8. What are My Essential gears to Start as an Affiliate Marketer ?
    A Smart Phone , Internet Connection , a Network of People in any social Media platform and you are set to become a GAME
    CHANGER with GeekBoZ .