1. It is hereby informed “ or its parent concern GeekBoZ, The Tech Store” is a marketing and distribution company and is not a manufacturer.

2. I/We hereby certify that my/our registration certificate under the TNGST Act 1959 is in force on the date on which the sale of the goods specified in this Bill / Cash Memo / Invoice has been affected by me / us in the regular course of my/our business.

3. Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged. Once an invoice made cannot be modified or cancelled for any reasons thereof.

4. The item is tested for physical damage at the point of sale and the company is not liable for the physical damage of the item anymore. It is also the duty of the buyer to immediately check at the counter the physical condition of the purchased goods. All goods are consigned at buyer’s risk and the company is not responsible for any loss, damage or pilferage in transit.

5. Our responsibility ceases the moment goods leaves our warehouse.

6. Yes, we provide proper GST invoice against all the products which we sell, we do not sell a product without GST invoice. If you need your company’s GST No. on the invoice

then kindly mention the same in the comment box which you can find while ordering, also you will need to provide the 3 pages of GST certificate of your company for GST invoice.  

7. If the order is cancelled by the buyer then both side shipping charges (if the product is already shipped) and the 2% payment gateway charges (if applicable) will be deducted from the order amount. If the buyer opts for a refund then it will be initiated once we receive the product in the same condition as we have shipped.

8. Materials sold are spares and components of computers and do not form the complete system in full. Above goods are only in the form of components / sub-assemblies / and not a “New PC “unless it is specified as “GBZ Certified Rig”.

9. Any products purchased from us for any special usage in an abnormal environment i.e. Other than normal usage should be informed to us at the time of purchase otherwise the warranty is void and null.

10.  No Customer can waive responsibility on grounds of ignorance of terms & conditions.

11.  For gaming chairs only replacement is applicable, no refunds will be there for gaming chairs.

12. For “Dead on Arrival” products buyer needs to make sure that all the parts and accessories of the product should be there in the box which comes with it, failure will result 
non-acceptance as DOA case and will be treated as RMA. 

13. Physical damage/mishandling of products / Tampering of warranty stickers –  do not cover warranty. All product sold by us requires technically qualified PC Hardware engineer for installation.

14. The court at KERALA shall have exclusive jurisdiction for deciding any disputes arising out of this sale contract.